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Just finished recording my first audiobook. Kicked my butt. Has taken me two days of recording 2.5 hrs. I hope you will like it.

Where The Moss Grows cover
After podcasting since 2007, I just finished recording my first audiobook, Where The Moss Grows. One of the things I like about creating it is that it was a challenge. I don’t speak that clearly. I mumble, stumble, stutter and slur my English with the best of them. I did my best not to do that this time. This kicked my butt. It has taken me two days of recording 2.5 hrs. The first time I was doing this I was “anal” about the background noises. I have been worrying about everything from transitions to translations. My friend Derek Ward, is a phenomenal writer. He crafted this story from my plot and story lines and was able to add a twist to it that I didn’t see coming. I like that. I didn’t want it to be just another fictional story. We did a similar thing with Zombie Strike several years ago but I wanted something different.

The title was originally going to be from a classic blues song but time and culture has changed the meaning of the first title I planned to use so we made up another. Then Derek asked me to write lyrics for the new blues song to be put into the story. No problem, right? Well, I faked it. And at the end of a good day, I actually tried to sing it, and make it real. It is real now.

On the cover of this first edition I even have myself on the cover as the lead character. If there is a movie, I am playing it. I got first dibs…

I really hope you like this as much as I did in conceiving it, sharing it with my buddy to fix, performing it, and all that. Feel free to give me a review here.

If you would like a sequel let us know. Derek is the man!

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