Do You Want To Get Started Online?

Here are a few of my recommendations for the wordpress site and choosing a domain name.

Ten Step Program to Starting a WordPress Site.

1. Choose an url for your site (about that name- see below)
2. Purchase url ( your domain name) and webhosting for (wordpress)
3. Choose a WP theme (there are thousands of free ones. Premium sites vary but not always better
4. Populate new WP site with content, widgets, banners, etc.
5. Connect social media links to site, FB, IG, Twitter, etc,
6. Tell people about your new real estate (website)
7. Write and add content regularly.
8. Tweet and share liberally on social media platforms to drive traffic back to your site.
9. Plugins Don’t go nuts with them. They can slow down your site.
10. You can get yours at

About your name.

The Bible says in Proverbs 22 that

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches”

The name of your website is critical to online success. As someone said, words have meaning and names have power. This is becoming more and more important in the age of internet marketing and branding development.

The Easy Eight Tips About Domain Names

1. Make it easy to type- If you use slang (u instead of you) or words with multiple spellings (express vs. xpress), it might be harder for customers to find your site.
2. Keep it short you risk customers mistyping or misspelling it. Even with a short, clear URL, a user might still mistype your URL. A good idea, then, is to buy out all possible spelling and word-choice combinations, and then 301 redirect that traffic to the correct domain.
3. Use keywords. Try using keywords that describe your business and the services you offer.
4. Target your area. .. If your business is local, consider including your city or state in your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember.
5. Avoid numbers and hyphens. .. Numbers and hyphens are often misunderstood.
6. Be memorable. . so having a domain that’s catchy and memorable is essential. These days it’s harder and harder to find an iconic, easy to remember name that also happens to be available.
7. Research it. Make sure the name you’ve selected isn’t trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company
8. It should build your brand. Your domain should be identical to your company name. Establish your brand and ease the user’s task of having to locate you online. For established companies, users will often assume your URL will be the same as your company name and put it straight into their address bar.

You can get your online products at

If you have any questions or want more detail to what I am talking about, feel free to call me or email me.


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