Cell phone Case for Cops

Security officers and law enforcement personnel

Are you tired of dropping your cell phone at work? I have cracked my share of screens. I don’t know about you. I hate carrying my phone in my pocket. At times it’s the only place but it is not the best place. For a security officer that has a Sam Brown belt (gun belt) the best place for that expensive device we can’t live without is on the belt. The problem with that is that those cheap plastic clips that come with the cases we pay too much for are too small or weak to stay on the belt.

I commissioned a holster company to make one for my super large iPhone 7Plus that fits perfectly on my belt and matches my other equipment.

You can have the same thing if you want for cheaper than a case you don’t use anymore.

If you are interested in getting a 100% leather case for your phone that will fit on your gun belt like it was meant to be there, contact me now at kenn.blanchard@gmail.com and tell me the type of phone you have. I might be able to get you one for $40.

I’ve tried dozens of cases and most of the leather ones have cheap elastic on the sides and the stitching doesn’t hold up. You know the crap they sell in police shops that comes from China?

Order yours today, using the form below. It’s from a US company (Friends of ours) that I know. Or email me back with your details or if you need some more information.

I’m trying to help a friends company.

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