You can find the following books on The first three are a fiction series I am still developing with hopes to be a horror movie.

Solomon Love Series

Born in what is now the west African country of Gambia, Sulayman, an aspiring musician and storyteller, of the tradition of “akonting” was captured by British slavers and sold as a slave in North America in the 1700’s. Accused of raping his white mistress, the plantation owners’ daughter, he was publically whipped until presumed dead in the courtyard of a huge estate, to be removed in the morning. Barely live but unconscious, he comes to in the full moon night. Wounded by unfettered he makes his escape into the nearby swamps. Going by the limited knowledge he had about the land and the lore, he remembers that North was the direction of freedom. And that God had made it so moss only grew on the north sides of the trees in swamps. After hours of walking in the marshes, he learned that moss grew on all sides of trees. Seeking to die in peace, he shelters himself and bleeding back in the hull of a tree trunk as he waits to pass on from this life to the next. As he slips out of consciousness from exhaustion and blood loss he sees the eyes of a predator closing in on him.

When he awakes he finds that he is now being taken care of by a strange woman of the swamp. He heals and enjoys the freedom he has not seen in a decade. He soon learns the price of his freedom. This woman has changed him into something else. They are spiritually bound somehow and over the past three hundred years he has evaded her.

Today he is a modern day blues musician. A relic in every sense of the word. He has successfully managed to keep his secret hid from all but a few. The times are changing. Evil is flourishing. It is becoming harder and harder to keep his existence undercover. And now there is another problem….

This is the continuing story of Solomon Love, werewolf.

These are the first raw copies of the books. They are quick reads. Get yours today and join the pack.

Black Man With A Gun

Published by White Feather Press. Kenn’s autobiographical account of gun rights and gun control.

Zombie Strike

Kenn’s first audio drama read on the Urban Shooter Podcast –
A reclaimed biohazard dump site in the south Pacific became a resort until all the inhabitants turned into zombies. The company seeking to recover its losses and shame turned it into a wild game preserve where competitors came for the chance to win a million dollars to traverse the course resembling a golf course with bunkers instead of holes, to destroy as many of the undead as possible. The game, “Zombie Strike” became a televised international sensation. All was well until zombies were found off the island in Florida. The winners of Zombie Strike were called back to eliminate the threat to humanity.

Naked But Not Ashamed

This is the first book I published to be used during marriage counseling for men to understand Biblical principles behind Holy Matrimony.