Book Review: Brace For Impact – Rethinking Safety in Today’s America; By Michael Marks

I often wonder who still reads books these days. Large stores that used to sell books have closed. Podcasts and audio book notoriety is increasing. Despite the access to knowledge via the internet, ignorance is rampant. There is trouble in the land.

When I received a copy of Brace for Impact I didn’t know what to expect even though it was from friend, and the best selling author of The Emergency Responder Guide to Terrorism but I suspected it will be good. I wasn’t disappointed.


It’s positive prose, with pro-active measures, and a great perspective for ensuring your personal safety.

If our minds are our primary weapons, then this is the stuff needed to be read by anyone that wants to be reminded, rewarded, or rethink the elements of safety in America.

Marks shares some insights into the mindset of criminal predators. This book can be read in a days’ time but used as a teaching aid for self-defense.

For law enforcement officers, special operations types and security minded people you will find some familiar themes. For everyone else it’s a window into a thinking process, and a way you can process and protect those important to you.

It’s conversational approach will help you understand violence, and what’s happening all over the country. It’s like a graphic novel in size and readability. The book is 8 ½” x 11 “ with 113 pages is available on Amazon.

I highly recommend this book. Thumbs up Mike!

I have two extra copies given to me to give to friends. For details listen to the podcast.




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