About Me

Voice Actor, Storyteller, Christian pastor, podcaster, author, blues musician, angler and former federal police officer, firearms trainer, CIA analyst, and US Marine vet


I grew up in both the rural VA/NC border and the Washington, DC area.  When I graduated high school most thought I would end up doing something in graphic arts.  Drawing and painting were my thing.   I enlisted in the Marine Corps to prove to my family and myself that I could survive.  I learned that my childhood had been tougher.   I had may misadventures and ended up working at the CIA where again I took on challenges.  I was usually ahead of the times.  I am a survivor.  I have been protecting others my whole life.  If it had the word guard or police in the description I have done it.  I’ve been a crossing guard, lifeguard, bodyguard, USMC Embassy Guard, security agent, federal police officer, and executive protection specialist.  

With my knowledge of firearms and self defense I sought to become a trainer and started a business to train new gun owners, security guards and police.  It failed but I pivoted into the gun rights movement. It is an evergreen subject that is debated and supported by politics and the uninitiated. The topic of guns has been an issue with society since the Chinese invention of gun powder.  I used it to learn about politics, history, business, the world and myself.   From this journey I have introduced firearm safety into the homes of untraditional America.  I have testified and lobbied for the reform of concealed carry in Virginia, Texas, South Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin and Maryland.  

I started by business and website before social media became as prevalent as it is today.  Over the past few decades, I have been involved in almost every pro-rights event that required a person of color to show the diversity of the shooting sports around the country. I have provided commercials for TV against racist gun laws and been featured in four documentaries, one with the BBC. He has served as a columnist for New Voices Newspaper of Durham, North Carolina. I have served as a director and chaplain of the Law Enforcement Alliance of America. I have worked with the American Sport Shooting Council, the Second Amendment Foundation, the CATO Institute, Gun Owners of America, and the National Rifle Association. The first edition of Black Man with a Gun was featured in the August 2001 edition of American Rifleman. I was featured in the Washington Business Journal on Jan. 2002.  I was mentioned in the Wall Street Journal (1999) as a security expert.  I have served on the Urban Affairs, and Training committees of the NRA in the past. I’ve was an advisor/editor for the creation of the Refuse to Be a Victim course book. 

When that chapter closed I decided to write a book about gun control and make it a primer for African Americans interested in the gun culture.  With the help of friends, we created the website, Black Man with a Gun debuted in 2000, in the age of America Online 1.0.  It was a big site for the time, taking a few minutes to load.  

The Black Man with a Gun book was a homage to the only other book of its kind written by Robert F. Johnson, “Negroes With Guns”; published in 1968.


A few days before 9/11 I became a licensed Christian minister.  A few years later a pastor of a small church in Washington, DC.  Being an evangelist of gun rights and Christianity seemed in contrast but they weren’t.  Anyone that has been trained as I have to actively protect life against all types of threats, to be also concerned with the spiritual wellbeing of others.



“I want to be so happy that people just looking at me get happy.”

I am a married father of two adults.

I got into podcasting in 2007 to connect with all the people I had met during my travels as a gun rights advocate and cheer on those that were coming behind me.  Podcasting was new, as was social media.  After discovering it in 2007, I created the Urban Shooter Podcast now called the Black Man with a Gun Show. I use my podcast to inspire, entertain and share parts of history that few have heard.



I’ve been active in the podcasting space.  I’ve spoken at Blogworld, New Media Expo, DC Podfest, Podfest Multi-Media Expo, and Podcast Movement.  In 2019, I got a chance to emcee Podfest in Orlando, FL, fulfilling a dream.