7 Things That Make A Good Martial Arts School For Your Child

Martial arts are a good way to learn self-defence skills. It’s also a good place for your child to start developing his or her strengths. It’s also obviously a good place for physical fitness and health. When searching for a martial arts school there are a few things to consider. A good martial arts school is determined by its facilities, instructor, attitude of the instructor, style, existing students, finances and kid friendliness.

The facilities of a martial arts school is very important. You don’t have to be a germaphobe to care but the overall cleanliness mattered to me. It was a place where a lot of contact will be made with others. There will be body fluids such as sweat and spit and you want to ensure that the place is clean. There should be no room for the generation of bacteria which can lead to harmful infections and diseases. The facility should be equipped with first aid equipment because in the event there is an accident. There should be adequate supplies to deal effectively with minor injuries. The school should pass the minimum health code standards to be operational for your state. It is good to pay an impromptu visit to the school to get a feel of what the facilities before you child starts there.

Another important factor is the instructor. Ensure that the instructor is certified to train in the particular type of martial arts you are going to study. The instructor should be nice and friendly and not too brutish and rough. Although this is a physical sport you don’t want to pay for abuse. Instructors with foul language are a red flag to me. I lose respect for people that can’t control their tongues. You are not on the high seas sailing so you don’t need to be subjected or your child to a pirate. Beware of instructors who claim to be masters of more than three styles. It takes years to be a master in one style so when you are a master of six styles it is a bit questionable.

The attitude of the instructor is also important. It is good when the instructor has a pleasant attitude not debilitating or demeaning. The attitude of the instructor should be one of coaching, mentoring and motivating. If the instructor gives you an attitude of have to seek my expertise and I am doing you a favour for you to be in my class. That is not a good sign and you should think twice about that school. This is different from adult schools.

The style of the instructor is important as you want to choose the best style for you whether hard combat or a more relaxed sparring. There are considerations when choosing the style to be taught such as your health and your safety. If you are a bit frail such as heart problem or just faint of heart don’t go to one of those intense schools that do hard core physical combat. You don’t have to get broken bones to be an achiever in martial arts. Look at the school’s curriculum and ensure that the style being taught is one you can manage both physically and mentally.

The type of students that are enrolled in the martial arts program is important to determine whether it will be your school of choice. You don’t want to be in a class with students who are rude and obnoxious. If you are seeking the class for a child you don’t want them to be in a class of bullies where they are subject to being bullied. Try to interview some of the students get a feel of their general attitude. Also get a feel of the level of the students at the school. See if you can find out how many are in the difference levels of classes, beginning, intermediate and advanced. This will give you an idea of how the school is progressing. Too many black belts might be a negative as there might be a tendency to easily award belts. To become a true martial arts expert takes years of practice. The students can also give you an understanding of how the school operates.

The cost of the class is also important. Beware of schools that ask for a lot of money up front that might be a red flag to indicate that they are mainly interested in money and not the development of the student. A good martial arts school always has the option to pay on a monthly basis. Good schools also offer at least one free class for you to get an understanding of how the school operates. It is good if you can find out how much the classes cost without doing a trial lesson. If they refuse to tell the price before the trial it is likely that the price is too high and you don’t want to waste your time. Beware of schools who charge for everything such as badges, patches, belt and extra class to name a few. It’s a sign that they may be into martial arts solely as a business.

If you are looking for a school for your child another good way to determine if it’s a good school is to find out if they are kid friendly. Are the classes geared towards monitoring and controlling your child when they are at their classes? You don’t want to leave your child at a school that simply lets them run wild. Is there special care taken in relation to the kid’s curriculum in terms of making it fun and engaging for kids. The martial arts school should foster an atmosphere of professionalism and if they are not professional and it’s just a playground for kids you should look elsewhere.

So there you have it if you are looking for a good martial arts school you have to ensure that this school has certain select criteria that are mentioned above. These are just a few of the criteria for selection and you might be able to think of more but the ones given if utilised will surely help you to narrow your search and to get a good martial arts school. It is important though that when you are looking for a school you decide on the intensity of the class you are going to be in and the type of martial arts style best suited for you before you start looking for a school. The first thing to do when you want to find a good martial arts school is to do your research after you have researched then you are armed with the information to be able to find a good school.