Voice Acting

It Ain’t Too Late

The pandemic of 2020 changed the way we lived. It gave me the opportunity to rethink my priorities. It gave me a chance to think. I have convinced myself that it is not too late to win. It is not too late to try again. It is not too late to create a goal for myself. I have time to create more than one goal. One of them is to become a voice actor.

Voice acting is the art of performing voice-overs to represent a character, provide information to an audience using your voice, experiences and skills. These skills translate to narration or advertising jobs predominately but are also used for animation and gaming.

This is something that is as hard or easy as becoming an traditional actor. You have to know what you have to offer. You have to market yourself correctly. You have to learn the business of production, and make connections with people that can help you get closer. I have learned that it is not only having the skills to do something that is important, you have to a network of people that are looking for what you have to offer.

I’ve had this desire since I received my first cassette recorder at Christmas. I didn’t know it could be a profession. I studied public speaking. I’ve preached at the CIA. I’ve spoken at rallies with 20,000 people. I’ve been on stages and pulpits with hundreds. I tried to get into radio earlier. I learned it was a cut throat business that didn’t pan out for most. I’ve done PSA’s nationally for free. I’ve even cut a commercial that someone got paid for, it wasn’t me. (I got swindled in a class I was in).

I’ve had courses in everything I could think of to become a better orator. I’ve honed my skills as a podcaster since 2007, producing 15 different shows, recorded over 1000 episodes since then.


This year, I invested in a course from SuchAVoice.com. I am a risk taker. I don’t consider betting on myself a gamble though. I know I can do almost anything I put my heart into. Even now as I approach old man status.

What keeps me going is my track record. I’ve done amazing things. I’ve failed at more things than most have tried in this lifetime. I don’t fear failing anymore. I only fear not being able to say been there and done that. I live my life without regrets. It ain’t too late for this old guy. The kennblanchard.com will share it all.

My style is warm, likable, with an understated intelligence. The voice projects experience, relatable, male, middle age.

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