Developing My Software

As I mature, I have begun to care more about software than hardware. I own enough stuff. I am not the master of all that own but I am working on it. What I have in excess I am selling or giving away. Another semi-automatic pistol will not make me a better marksman. Mastering myself does that.

I’ve reached a point where strengthening my inner self is more important than acquiring more stuff. When you die, your stuff goes to someone else. Often it is someone undeserving but you have no control over who gets it.

“We cannot control the wind but we can direct the sails.”

For almost thirty years, I have been involved in the gun rights movement. Since 2000, I have been known for my trademarked phrase, Black Man With A Gun. The people I have met in the gun rights movement have been amazing. They are passionate members of our country. What I have appreciated more are those that have a successful home life. True success is peace, good health and family.

I started looking for those that had solid families. I gravitated to those that sacrifice, are present and show integrity. I have learned that those that dis the father in their lives often are or have struggled so much that they may not be ready for you might want to share. They have trust issues. They are not dependable. They have had no example of positive leadership traits and had to be pirates, mercenaries and ninjas to get to this far. You almost can’t blame them if you think about it that way. We all want to thrive. You can only grow from what you know.

Pirates are romanticized until you get robbed by one. “take what you can, give nothing back.” I used to think like this. Now I am trying to give as much as I can away.

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