Podcasting Is Dope

You know that the business world is crowded. It is challenging to get found without paying a lot of money to people that are supposed to know where your audience is. No matter what you business is your key to success is podcasting.

Podcasting as a medium is less than twenty years old as of this writing and has grown organically ever since it started. It has now entered into our culture enough to be the brunt of jokes, mentioned on television and celebrities are starting to use it. It has become a norm for the under thirty demographic. It has become a golden parachute for radio personalities. It can work for you.

Podcasting is Dope.

Urban Translation: Used to describe something that is cool, awesome, exciting, etc. 2. Short for Dopamine, which is a chemical produced within the brain when something good happens. It is the pleasure chemical, that also regulates mood, focus and appetite.


Podcasting is on demand audio where people can actively listen and learn from a podcast while also doing something else. People fit podcast shows into their schedules and listen longer than they would a TV show, or YouTube video. I know folks told you that Youtube is it.  If your demographic is under 35 then maybe.  Successful people don’t watch much video or TV.

Your podcast audience chooses to listen to you by “subscribing.” It’s different than traditional radio where ads haphazardly pop up. In radio, businesses pay to be heard on your music or talk stations.


Be you. We are all selling something. You don’t know it yet but there are people that like your style. They probably don’t live near you either. You can find them by putting out a podcast. Most folks don’t like their voice or something but you can get over that. You can find your “tribe” through podcasting.

It’s not all about the money either. You don’t have to monetize your podcast. Even if you don’t directly monetize from your podcast, you will indirectly benefit from it in other ways. You can be seen as an authority, an influencer, the trusted one in this space. You can use affiliate marketing. Or you position yourself to sell later.

People listen to podcasts because they have something in common with the speaker and the brand the speaker is representing. Such a good relationship helps in building trust. This encourages listeners to be associated with the brand. This, in turn, leads to improved conversion. People are more likely to buy something from a friend than a stranger.

Do what others don’t, to get what others won’t.

You can use your show to teach them. You can use your show to educate your audience and save time repeating the same “frequently asked questions.”

You can use your show to entertain them. You can interview people you know and use your show to get to people you would like to know. You can do a combination.

The only rules in  podcasting success are (1) don’t be boring. (2) don’t waste your listeners time. (3) be purposeful. Make it so they look forward to listening to your show. (4) Be consistent.


Ask yourself, what is so difficult that most people aren’t willing to do it consistently? Do that…


Podcasting is great business and lead development tool. In this world of automation, outsourcing and delegation, the last remaining bottleneck in your business is YOU. We can be there all the time for all our folks but the podcast can keep you out there while you sleep.

From what I have seen at podcasting events, people aged 25-54 are the demographics for podcast. But that is changing too. Which is great news because that age group is the most influential, affluent audience in business. 45% of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K – vs 35% for the total population in the US. My audience “avatar” have an advanced college degree and are in business.

When it comes to podcasts, the people who love them– are all in. Nielsen reports that 16 million people in the US are “avid podcast fans.”  According to Edison Research, 85% of listeners listen to most of the podcast. That’s a big deal because the average YouTube viewing time is measured in seconds.

Relationships are based on audio communication. How many couples have fights because of a lack of communication? If you want to build a relationship with someone in your network, interview them for a podcast. It’s better than meeting them at Starbucks. You are making them a star on your “network.”

I believe the key to your success is either starting a podcast or making yours better. After thirteen years of playing with podcasts, I have learned some valuable lessons. I have an app that I use to keep me out there for one of my shows. I have sponsors and I crowdfund. I have Facebook pages and a YouTube channel for my audio podcast. I’ve talked about the hard subjects in a hard culture.

I think I can help almost anyone do better than I did when I started. I just started forming a new podcast editor business that will help folks get started. And do the heavily lifting if they don’t want to do it called PodcastSolutions.us.

If you are interested let’s talk. Remember Podcasting is Dope!

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