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19 – What’s Your Take On The Helmet Law?

Conversation with Dr. , founder of Skilled Motorcyclist Association–Responsible, Trained & Educated Riders, Inc.
The debate of helmets. Do we align with or not?

Another cool thing about this podcast is that I learn things at a phenomenal rate. There are issues coming up that I didn’t pay attention to before that are HUGE in the riding community. One of them is as controversial as the debates of helmets.

I didn’t realize how passionate some people are about not wearing a helmet. To me, it was a no brainer. I wear a helmet when I ride just like I think you should wear boots. The fact that some states regulate it is not even an issue with me. I understand that it is yet another encroachment of our government but it is not the same as racist gun control.

I didn’t realize that there are helmets in the store classified as “novelty” helmets for people that just want to be legal but not have a helmet that may protect them in case of an accident. I used to think the Nazi style helmets or the little beanie buckets were just personal, not political. Now I know sometimes its both.

Last week after I spoke to the founder of SMARTER I thought it would be a good idea to align Motorcycle Radio show with this organization. I had NO idea that you might not think that is kosher. One brother said, he was not going to support this show any further and might stop listening to it. I was like DAMN! It’s that serious to all?

What are your thoughts? Did I screw up with my proposal? Did I make a deal with the devil? I need you to let me know what you think? On this episode you are going to hear a conversation with Dan Petterson, of SMARTER. And afterwards, tell me what you think?
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Beware of Potholes
A 42-year-old motorcyclist who was leading a group of four motorcyclists en route to attend a biker blessing May 18, in Baldwin, MI, was killed when he reportedly hit a pothole on Peach Ridge Avenue, in Kent County, and lost control of his motorcycle. Kent County Sheriff’s Office deputies indicated that the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet.
The accident is a stark reminder to motorcyclists to be especially mindful of the poor road conditions they are likely to encounter this year in states affected by the long, harsh winter’s snow and ice melt, coupled with state and local budgetary constraints that hinder repair. When moisture seeps into pavement and is then subjected to seasonal freeze (expansion)–thaw cycles, a gap is created; and as vehicles drive over the gap, the pavement weakens and a pothole develops. Remember, too, that lesser-traveled routes will take longer to get re- paired or will be less likely to be repaired at all.
Reduce speed and be extra vigilant in keeping an eye out for obstructions in the roadway, as the best tip for dealing with a pothole is to avoid it entirely. What appears to be a puddle may conceal a pothole. Never swerve into an occupied lane to avoid a pothole.


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  • Frank Masotti

    You know my history, and I would not even get on my bike without a helment. I am also libertain on issues of government regulating life activities. I.E. I think the constitution should be the only law of the land. Personally I think amyone who does not wear a helmet is just an orgun donator in the wait. I.E. They will die sooner rather then later. However I think anyone who will stop listening to your show because you want to support a pro helmat group is a moron. Good ridence to bad medician. Again though I think it should be up to the indivigual rider not the government, weather or not they want to be an orgon doner. 🙂
    Frank Masotti

  • Dann

    Just wanted to add my two cents on this helmet law issue. I personally wouldn’t ride without a helmet and a darn good full face one at that. I can truthfully say that a helmet saved my life 29 years ago. I have spent a lot of time educating myself on this subject and the research, that I have seen, indicates that it is not a good idea to ride without the proper gear. That said, I do not believe the Gov has any place telling me what gear I have to wear. Riding a motorcycle is a personal choice that involves some risk. How we address that risk should also remain a personal choice. While I agree with many of the points made in your interview with Dan Patterson, I do not agree with the push for more laws that take away our freedom to choose for our selves, and any organization that is for those laws is one that I will not support.

    P.S. That new Indian is SWEEEEET!

  • Stefan Kowalewski

    Hi Kenn,

    Just wanted to start out by saying I really enjoy your podcast.

    I am a certified RiderCoach and Quality Assurance Specialist with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. (My comments reflect my personal opinions and do not reflect the views of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.) When I ride, I ride with all my gear.

    However, I think helmet/gear use should be the choice of the rider. I support the American Motorcyclists Association’s position on voluntary helmet use. I do believe in the value of helmets in the event of a crash. I don’t believe they do anything to prevent a crash. An effective way to reduce motorcyclist deaths are by reducing the number of crashes. I believe this can and should be done through driver education – not just motorcyclists but all roadway users.

    In the state I teach, I am mandated to wear all my gear all the time. I have had discussions with the state director about the removing the mandate – again I believe it’s a rider’s choice. Ironically, even if the director removed the mandate, I would still wear all my gear all the time.

    Thanks for your time,

    P.S. The comment/text editor on this site needs some work. I can’t highlight, copy/paste text, which makes if difficult to add comments. Can you do anything about that?